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Understanding Ormus

Ormus, the condensate of Orme (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements) is an ancient yet rediscovered technology.

Ormus works in the subtle realm almost exclusively.  What this means is, there will be little in the third dimension with which to measure one physical outcome versus another.  The whole point of ormus is to raise one out of the third dimensional reactionary mud pit and into the fourth dimension of beneficial thought and the fifth dimension of causative inspiration and a greatly clearer connection to The Creator as well as much stronger mind function.

Ironically, this is also the foundation for the art of manifestation when combined with clear intent and feeling it as done in gratitude.  Ormus simply accelerates the process.

Given this very sharp double edged sword, one’s thoughts and thought process then become elevated into an exponentially higher priority.  This is the actual “secret” the society of slavery has refused to instruct:

Much of these directions are taken directly from this author’s book, The Humanitarian Code, A Book on Consciousness.  This instructs those in the process of shifting dimensions that what we experience in life is essentially the overall average of our thought process and expectations.  This is what should be and soon will be, taught in every school, every church and likely every home.

The good news with this incredibly valuable insight is the uninstructed concept that we are in 100% in control of the movie experience quality which plays out in each of our lives.  To most, this is the realization of all realizations, and will function as the most important insight they will ever know.

What Tidalwoo Ormus can do, is add speed and oftentimes considerable speed to this process.  This is the very reason that taking control of our thoughts becomes so critically important, for only then do we gain control of our life’s outcome.

Directly from the Code Book, comes the practice I call the rampage of appreciation.  This shamanic technology and Biblical instruction serves to dramatically over time, raise one’s average or aggregate daily thought content.  It cannot be stressed as to how important this is to one desiring better outcomes in one’s life—and, it works in precisely that manner.

It is recommended to set aside a small time frame or two each day to practice this immeasurably potent benefit.  The results over time will be nothing short of magnificent.  Tidalwoo Ormus can come in as the accelerator to this process.  The whole point is that it is exclusively up to you to select what will be played out in your life.

Yet, Tidalwoo Ormus is also the enabler to the process of consciousness elevation by way of reducing negative, reactionary emotional feelings and thoughts to the perceived challenges taking place throughout our course of experience. In this manner, one can be strongly enabled to hold a much more beneficial thought pattern. This benefit alone is immeasurable–just as the attachment to negative or destructive thoughts simply diminish away from one’s life and experience.

Given this overall notion, we come to realize that we have infinitely more control of our lives and outcome than the slavery society will ever instruct.  This vast empowerment is to any degree we might choose, and it is strictly our choice, which when one considers it, is the entire point.

Once this realization sinks in, a view of the Infinite is at hand.

This is the same location and process by which nearly any degree of personal empowerment becomes selectable and enabled. Here is what the system of human slavery specifically forbids us to understand. Therefore, It is of great benefit in every possible manner to create our level of personal achievement and personal empowerment. We simply assist your own evolution by supplying Tidalwoo Ormus and the directions thereof.

Here is a good way to engage this practice:  Form an image in your mind and simply think and feel the words: Thank God.  It’s that simple.  The practice is to move from concept to concept and include as many as you can possibly include at the time.  It is important to remain on track each practice and to feel the variety, depth and profoundness of each benefit as it arrives to mind.  Start this process small if necessary to gain the concept—and then expand it to include almost everything for therein resides the Truth.  Eventually it becomes many moments and there, is when your new life kicks into gear.

The You which is you is a terrific and very talented overcomer.  This is not only what brought you to this point, but it is your source of strength and magnificence and indeed value, for not only yourself but also to humanity through example  Most folks are a hundred times stronger than even they know.  The key here is to locate the benefit from even the many challenging or tougher experiences we all have had more than plenty of, and give thanks for the strength and insight which have arisen from the experience.

This might not be the easiest thing to do in many cases, yet the strength and insight is there once one looks for it.  It is this very benefit which is now the essence of a greater you who can now overcome similar and lesser challenges with grace and ease.  This gained ability will spill over into many upcoming aspects of life and greet them with a gained wisdom and efficiency which will prove invaluable.

Therefore not all that was bad must remain bad.  It becomes all about how we think about it and our ability to pull the benefits out of the event or situation and apply this considerable leverage to oncoming events, and yes, even be thankful for the abilities gained.

Ormus has a strong additional benefit:  Tidalwoo Ormus over time and steady use has an odd way one could easily call spiritual, of allowing one to not be nearly as emotionally effected by infractions.  This benefit amplifies over time and practice to where the good times are even more profound in their generation of appreciation and at the same time, one almost fails to see the minor daily infractions which come at us from every angle and particularly so over the television should one still have one (and we do not).

Those who would enslave all humanity and indeed have, gain both their power and control from negative thoughts and emotions and especially fear. more comprehensively, this is a product called loosh.  Loosh loosely termed, is the negative emotional energy as produced by humans.  Those who would enslave us simply must have this drug.  Our objective as humanitarians is to cut this supply. The opposite effect is our own empowerment.

A best practice if one has not already done so, is to remove the television or far more accurately, hate generator, from one’s existence.  Here is what we do know:  Essentially all content of television is false.  It’s a narrative and patently not a reality.  Television is simply put, one gigantic gaslighting operation to make one believe and accept that which is pointedly and usually obviously, not true.

If you are reading this, there is little doubt you are keenly aware of this.

For all others, we ask the question as to why virtually all human empowerment writers are adamant in firmly placing television out of ones life—as the single most beneficial thing one can do for one’s self in this day and age.  Now you know why.

Television has one mission, and that is to produce outrage.  This is of course is also loosh.  Once one gets this concept, why then would one desire this production of negative thought patterns to drive the very outcome of one’s life?  This means the lowest possible quality actors are in control of your life and you’re not.

The television sells only human slavery.  Why would anyone want that?

Conversely, with the steady use of Tidalwoo Ormus, the day to day smaller infractions fall by the wayside and fail to be noticed or at least fail to be emotionally reacted to.  Over time Tidalwoo Ormus will set the personal offense triggering level at a steadily higher point producing a tremendous inner peace which is actually the other way around.  At the same time, the process as herein described will shed such triggering events away until they are decidedly fewer, farther apart and diminished in nature as one enjoys a much more balanced and smoother life freer from such distractions.

This particular freedom is rather worthwhile.

As one’s energy ceases to be placed toward destructive patterns, it becomes available to be utilized toward positive thoughts and outcomes. While it would seem as a tremendous gaining of life force, it is rather only the correct usage of one’s life force to begin with.

Once one begins to experience this advanced inner peace and overall higher vibration, negative circumstance and people not matching your new level of thought pattern (vibration) will simply drift away as much better and more beneficial circumstance and personnel will take their place to the greatest of joy.

Tidalwoo Ormus over time also cleans and enables the pineal gland, nearby brain hardware and their various functions to effect a dimensional shift and greatly more inspirational connection directly to the Creator which includes a vastly keener overall discernment function.  This will be unmistakable and you will know it when it begins to happen.  In other words, your Light will shine and everyone will know it

All aspects of human slavery, television, and as many now claim, certain injections, serve exclusively to sever this very Creator connection, or in other words your humanity.  Your awareness which has brought you to this very information, serves in practicality as the counter, as your own preservation of the quality of humanity.

One cannot then help but become the humanitarian.

It’s because you now know what it means.

Tidalwoo Ormus has yet another function:  Over time and steady use, Tidalwoo Ormus will sharpen the brain and memory functions to a razor keenness.  One becomes no longer the dullard as designed by slavery and poison.  One becomes the clear thinker and the observer of a much greater amount of detail in life.  This advantage is enormous and one day you come to realize you are a new person and considerably more empowered.

We enjoy our own product here at Tidalwoo.  This alone might be a clue.

Tidalwoo therefore, is much more of a process than a product.

Tidalwoo is also a setting of intent of Freedom over slavery.

…As we arrive at the actual definition of leadership.

In time, once one sets a clear intention, distractions and clutter thoughts will yield to your clear and thus powerful mind and intention.  At the same time, the very design of all that is, will also yield to your vision and doors which were shut will open.  This in essence, is the Creator within making roads in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

This procedure is not metaphor, it is what takes place once one tunes into and trusts in the process.  Tidalwoo is not just another product, it is also the advanced understanding of all that goes along with the process.

Because the only paradigm there is and ever was, is Freedom versus slavery, Tidalwoo comes along to facilitate the humanitarian advancement into the higher dimension which has only the quality of humanity within it.  As we shed away the lower dimensions of inhumanity we advance as a species, into the existence of infinitely greater benefit to humankind and Gaia earth.

Thus Tidalwoo and Tidalwoo Ormus is everything outside of the system of slavery and inhumanity.  Specifically, it is your personal advancement into a future worth living in.  For more exceptionally valuable insights along the lines of personal empowerment, it will be found in the book The Humanitarian Code.

We love what we do and we love what we build, and Tidalwoo Ormus is Scalar enhanced through patent pending process, for additional benefit with the Light of creation.  We set this intent for your enjoyment and benefit and have found it to be of great effectivity and value.

Thank you for your participation in the World Polar Shift from dark to LIght.


Devine Shofar